The 12 Disruptive Tech Trends You Need to Know

No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All the Trends, was written by McKinsey directors, and offers insight into which developments will have the greatest impact on the business world in coming decades. Below, we’re recapping their list of the “Disruptive Dozen”—the technologies the group believes have the greatest potential to remake today’s business landscape.


Energy storage                  soaring renewable energy?

Genomics                           will add ½ to 2 years life expectancy by 2025

Advanced materials         self-healing materials

Autonomous vehicles      the driverless revolution

Renewable energy            wider use, better storage

Advanced robotics            becoming an appealing substitute for labour

3D printing                        redefine sale and distribution

Mobile internet                 internet-related expenditures will only continue to grow

Knowledge work               there’s nothing stopping computers from excelling at knowledge work

Internet of things             need we even explain?

Cloud technology             making high-end IT available to anyone

Oil-gas recovery               a further shift to global markets






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