Meet the Team

Hans 1a

Drs. Hans Koning TIIM

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Hans Koning is an entrepreneur and consultant since the “90s, and an informal investor since 2002. As an entrepreneur Hans has set up some companies and invested in a few start-ups and existing companies like Diaspora, Epiphany Games, iSensus, Respectance, IOTA, EasyGoing Poker, QuantyCarlo, and Studyflow to name a few.

At the start of his career Hans worked in healthcare, but ended up in telecom when given the opportunity to work for the AT&T Bell Laboratories, which gave him the opportunity to spend time in the States. Hans has an international career, which allowed him to work in telecom, FMCG, banking, insurance, leisure & hospitality and non-profit in Europe, Australia, Asia and America. Apart from telecom, he has an interest and in depth knowledge of Internet, new media, healthcare, sensor technology, emerging technologies, and loves anything disruptive and innovative. At the moment Hans is actively participating in informal investing groups like the Melbourne Angels and the Silicon Valley area, and is venture partner at Solid Ventures (Amsterdam) and has now launched his own investment vehicle called Tige Tiger – Informal & Venture Catalyst.

Tag words for Hans (alphabetically ordered and not limited to): Android, Australia, creativity, disruptive things, early stage stuff, economics, entrepreneurship, food, friends & family (not fools), healthcare, human rights, networking, pop-art, seeding, sports, TIIM, travel, trends, wine.

You can find Hans on twitter as @hanskoning.

David 5

David Lee MA, RCA

Managing Director & Chief Lifestyle Monitor

David Lee is a “retired” entrepreneur after having run a very successful textile designing company from the 90’s trading in Europe, America and Asia. During that quite often stressful time, David has burned the candle at two ends for a fair bit, hence decided on leaving that industry.

However, David is far from the retiree, and is still very much involved in trend watching, making mood boards, and actively spotting the trends and developments, a very useful skill for our industry. Not looking at trends from a technology point of view, but focusing on what technology can do for individual consumers; how it can improve life and lifestyles. At the moment David is actively an intricate part of Tige Tiger, meaning he also has veto rights over all potential investments.

Tag words for David (alphabetically ordered and not limited to): art, Australia, creativity, cycling, designing, fashion, food, friends & family, hiking, holidays, outdoors, travel, trends, wine.