"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."
 Victor Kiam

Who We Are

Tige Tiger is an Informal Venture Catalyst. It basically means that we are a professional company, but maintain an informal and low key approach. Nothing is above or beneath us. Furthermore we want to actively help you grow your business fast; act as a catalyst.

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Our Approach

Although all investments companies are after the same, namely finding that gem, they all go about it differently. We feel that is good, as it gives us an opportunity to find the right entrepreneur(s) and be the perfect match.

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For Tige Tiger the key words to describe our approach are:


Don’t go for the money alone. It has to be a fit. Remember, you are “stuck” with each other for many years. Be aware that investors need entrepreneurs just as much as entrepreneurs need investors. Know when to walk away. There is no shame in that, on the contrary. Could be the smartest thing you have ever done. An aviation paradigm: when in doubt, there is no doubt.

More than just money

The reason you are looking for an investor is money; clear and simply. However, always try to find smart money. Smart money is where an investor has an additional asset (experience, network, mentoring) that you need to grow your company.

The personal touch

Whatever you might think or have experienced about investing and investors, for us it is a people’s business. All spreadsheets, fancy programming and forecasts aside, at the end of the day we are all flesh and blood.

Impact investment

As an investor you have a choice in who and what to invest in. Although the “who” is most important, the “what” we find also important. Sustainability is a responsibility we feel deeply, and have therefore a soft spot for healthcare, education and renewable energy.

Money is the result, not the goal

We are by no means insulted by making a handsome return on our investments, however, strange as that may sound, we do feel that an ROI is a natural result of a good partnership, not the goal. The harder you look for that profit, the more unlikely it will become to achieve it.

Have fun doing it

Starting your company, treading in uncharted waters, living new experiences at the speed of light, yes, starting your own company is a one of a lifetime experience. Unfortunately also one that makes you forget time. Make sure to enjoy that journey.

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