Who We Are

Tige Tiger is an Informal Venture Catalyst. It basically means that we are a professional company, but maintain an informal and low key approach. Nothing is above or beneath us. Furthermore we want to actively help you grow your business fast; act as a catalyst.

What we like? Things to be simple, transparent and logic. A famous quote from Groucho Marx: “This is so easy to understand even a 5 year old gets it. Can someone get me a 5 year old?”. We try to avoid having to run out for 5 year olds.


Our approach & philosophy

For Tige Tigber there are three boxes that need to be ticked in order for us to make an investment:

You (be it singular or plural), and you alone are the company. Your spirit, attitude, tenacity, eagerness, willingness to change will to a large degree determine the success of your company. If that box doesn’t’ get ticked it usually stops there and then.
Although it is not unusual that the idea pitched will not be the ultimate product or service that makes the money, it is however a good reflection of the entrepreneur’s take on a market or demographic. Another acid test to see if a team can establish and grow a business.
You never fall in love with the terms of the deal. That is technical, negotiable, and quite often a boring process. It should be the final hurdle in coming to an understanding.

Team, idea, terms: in that order!