February 2013: Modesty is a good thing.

What’s the best thing about being successful? Some people might argue that boasting about it is a sweet side effect of success. Sure, I think you are entitled to some form of glory after having achieved something. It is however a fine line between gloating & enjoying the taste of success and being perceived as boasting, arrogant and obnoxious. Then again, never by shy or coy either.


I saw a documentary the other day about Neil Armstrong, one of my childhood idols. He never wanted to be a here, let alone be an idol. After their successful mission of being the first man on the moon, his and the rest of the crew lives changed dramatically. It took him nearly ten years to be distance himself partially from that one moment, and get his life back on track. Although he was teaching aeronautics (his love and passion) during that period, his past kept haunting him. He did however stay the country boy from Ohio, had his farm, and kept teaching.


Although, thank god, for most of us we will never stand in the limelight like Neil Armstrong did, there is a lesson to be learned. Stay close to who you are, and always remember, getting there was nothing you did alone. Even Newton knew that. His famous “I was able to look further because I stood on the shoulders of giants” is a perfect example of taking credit by sharing that glory. I hope and wish all of you lots of Armstrong and Newton moments.

RIP Neil. You inspired me in more way than one.


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