2013-04 Legal qualms.

2013-04  Legal qualms.

Although we all want to focus on driving and growing the business, unfortunately we all get distracted from time to time by unwanted, annoying, unneeded attention like claims and lawsuits. Sometimes I think it is a growing pain, a rite of passage if you like, all entrepreneurs need to go through every now and again. I recently had one via one of my startups. Thought I’d share part of the fun….


Without going into details (that is actually the first lesson I can give you, always be very reluctant in openly sharing the case, unless you are absolutely sure that is okay and the right thing to do) the case was about a perceived infringement of copyright. When first advised of that


Never assume that if you think you are right, you are actually in the right. Law is quite often not logical for the laymen.

Being morally right, or even worse, feeling morally superior, is also no guarantee for coming out on top, and can prove to be your worst enemy.

Although it will hurt, seek professional counsel, and do that before you reply to the plaintiff. Most of the expenses are occurred in repairing the damage being done by not thought through statements, which turn out to be expensive. There is no such thing as nipping it in the butt yourself.

Deadlines are given for a reason; observe them.


And the most important thing I can tell you, is (try at least) not to get personal involved. Your venture is being sued, not you. As soon as the emotions come in, reasoning and with it a chance to settling or a success, goes out of the window.


If you’re sick and go to the hospital and have been advised you have acute appendicitis, are you really going to think it is not an appendicitis, but instead are going to perform a gal blather operation on yourself? I think not. Lawyers are the experts, listen to them, use them, and pay them.

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